Lentil soup $500

Finely selected lentils cooked in cumin and chicken stock, blended with a squeezed of fresh lemon, served with crispy bread

Vegetables soup – chicken$500

Selection of fresh diced vegetables cooked in vegetable bouillon. Chicken cube optional

Cold Mezza and Salads
Hommos (v) $750

Chickpeas puree mixed with sesame paste (tahine) lemon juice and olive oil

Moutabal Baba Ghanouj (v) $750

Grilled eggplant (garden egg) mixed with sesame paste (tahine) lemon juice and olive oil

Batenjan Al Raheb (v) $750

Roasted eggplant, with tomato, green pepper, onion and parsley garnished with olive oil

Grape leaf (v) $750

Vine leaves filled with a mix of rice, tomato, parsley, mint and onion, cooked in lemon oil sauce

Labneh – Garlic Labneh(v) $700- $750

Fresh-pressed yoghurt garnished with extra-virgin olive oil and mint, (garlic optional) served with fresh pita bread

Fattouch (v) S: $850 L: $1500

A perfect refreshing salad, made with lettuce, mint, parsley, tomato, radish, onion, cucumber, toasted Arabic bread mixed with special spices and lemon oil sauce

Tabouleh (v) S: $850 L: $1500

Lebanese tradition, parsley salad with tomato, onion, fresh mint and cracked wheat mixed with lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil

Spicy Lebanese Salad (v) S: $850 L: $1500

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, mint, onion chopped green chili and fine Lebanese spices with lemon and olive oil dressing

Chicken salad $1600

Grilled chicken breast, Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and sweet corn mixed with lemon oil sauce

Greek Salad(v) $1600

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, feta cheese, onion and oregano tossed with lemon oil dressing

Cucumber and yoghurt(v) $700

Yoghurt with finely cut cucumber and dried mint

Hot Mezza
Foul(v) $850

Boiled broad beans seasoned with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil garnished with parsley

Hommos b Lahmeh $850

Chickpeas puree with sesame paste, lemon juice, topped with your choice of diced beef or shawarma beef sliced (chicken optional)

Batata Harra(v) $750

Cubes of potatoes sautéed with garlic, coriander, chili slice garnished with paprika powder

Chicken Wings $900

Your choice of coriander garlic wings or hot and spicy wings

Falafel(v) $1300

Deep fried vegetarian mini pate beans and herbs served with fresh vegetables and tarator sauce (tahine)

Baked Potatoes(v) $400-$300

Big open faced baked potato with your choice of Mozzarella, butter or plain

Mozzarella Sticks(v) $850

Deep fried till golden drown to enjoy the melted mozzarella

Sambouseek Cheese and Beef $750

Deep fried pastry filled with cheese mix or minced beef

Kibbeh Beef or Chicken $750

Deep fried beef/chicken balls mixed with cracked wheat and onions, filled with sautéed minced meat/chicken, pine nuts and spices

Arayes Lahmeh $1350

Baked Lebanese bread filled with flavored minced Lamb served with French fries

Beirut Mix Pastry S: $750 L: $1350

Selection of sambouseek cheese and beef with kibbeh beef (S: 3pcs- L: 6pcs)

Side Orders
White Rice $350
Vermicelli Rice $350
Mix Pickles and Olives plate(v) $350
French Fries – Potato Wedges(v) $350
Main Course
Lahem Meshwe (beef kebab) $1700

2 skewers of Charcoal-grilled beef tenderloin marinated cubes with grilled onion and sweet pepper

Shish Taouk (chicken kebab) $1600

2 skewers of marinated boneless chicken cubes, sweet pepper, served with garlic sauce

Kafta Meshwe (minced Lamb kebab) $1600

2 skewers of grilled and seasoned minced Lamb kebab, mixed with parsley and onion served with grilled onion and tomato

Beirut Mixed Grill $2100

Charcoal-grilled skewers (3pcs) of beef kebab, chicken kebab and minced Lamb kebab served with grilled tomato and onion accompanied with garlic sauce aside

Chicken Grilled H: $1500 W: $2700

Charcoal-grilled marinated chicken served half chicken or whole, with garlic sauce (spicy optional)

Shawarma Chicken or Beef C: $1500 B: $1600

Roasted thin slices of chicken or beef with a special marination served with garlic or tahine sauce

Stroganoff Chicken or Beef C: $1800 B: $2000

Thin sliced chicken or beef mixed with sliced mushrooms and sweet peppers tossed in a garlic creamy sauce, served on top of vermicelli rice (white rice optional)

Jumbo Shrimps $2800

Charcoal-grilled jumbo shrimps, served with your choice of rice or French fries, coleslaw and sweet chili sauce

Grilled Salmon $2700

Fresh grilled Salmon, served with sautéed mix vegetables, French fries with garlic creamy mushroom sauce (potato wedges and rice optional)

Tenderloin Steak $2600

Centre cut beef tenderloin, marinated and grilled upon your choice, served with sautéed vegetables, French fries and creamy mushroom sauce (wedges or rice optional)

Shrimp Pasta $2000

Fettuccini pasta, shrimps with creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with Parmesan Cheese

Chicken Alfredo Pasta $1700

Fettuccini pasta creamy sauce with your choice of chicken- strips or grilled, garnished with Parmesan Cheese on top

Spaghetti Bolognese $1600

An excellent chunky pasta sauce with minced beef and lots of vegetables and flavors, Parmesan Cheese on top

Vegetarian Pasta(v) $1500

Selected mix vegetables, cooked in tomato basil sauce served with your choice of spaghetti or fettuccini pasta

Yakhnet Khodra (v) (vegetables stew) $1500

Mix vegetables cooked in tomato sauce served with your choice of white or vermicelli rice

Labneh $750

Labneh spread, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, dry mint and olive oil, served with black olives

Hommos $750

Chickpeas puree, cucumber, tomato, onion, olive oil, served with black olives aside

Falafel $750

Crispy falafel, lettuce, cucumber pickles, tomato, parsley with tahine sauce

Taouk $850

Grilled chicken cube, wrapped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and garlic sauce, served with fries

Kafta $850

Grilled minced Lamb, spread of hommos, onion, parsley, tomato, served with fries aside

Lahem $850

Grilled beef cube, wrapped with hommos, onion, tomato, parsley, served with fries aside

Shawarma chicken $850

Thin slice marinated chicken, wrapped with garlic sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and fries

Shawarma Beef $850

Grilled marinated beef strips, wrapped with parsley, onion, tomato, pickles and tahine sauce served with fries aside